4 days in a life

What matters is your belief
My truth and I, both are irrelevant
My words, coloured so much by your convention
Absolute meanings
Don’t mean anything in context, I guess

Your real friends
The language you speak with them
They know; You know too
It is indoctrination of dictionaries
It is meeting of minds

Sleep, catch up on jet lags and hangovers and purge thoughts
Freshen up for the New Year
The family lets you be
You are not yourself
You are what you are

You see yourself as a mirror of yourself
Same but opposite
Ability becomes a disability
Thoughts run amuck, aimless
I drive dazed looking for a light

My pain is now known as mine
I don’t look for the root of the pain
I don’t look at the pain
I am the centre of the universe
I plot myself

4 days in a life

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