Three Words

His kindly eyes
In stern tone
Whispered three words
Defining my life
That day on

Work is worship

He said, evenly
Devotion in action
Faith in thought
Prayer in rendition

I built life
On this axiom
All theorems true
A life divine
My belief unrelenting

I defined places
For my worship

Today I sit
Outside my temple
Building my temple
Rebuilding my temple
My work forgotten
My worship forgotten
My God forgotten

Three Words

6 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. the worship of work is doing it…however uninteresting it may seem.. however tough its demands.

    it is a necessary movement of life…stangnation decays the spirit…a decaying spirit is one that does not foresee anything .. even failure…

    how pious and sacred ur work is, is ur own definition..hence any temple u have built is in ur own hands to destroy and rebuild.

    i think we dont fear ‘destruction of the temple’ but, our own ability to rebuild what was..


  2. I think that this was the message of Guru Nanak, losing oneself in work as form of worship. I like the contradiction in the poem, forgetting worship and God and yet worshipping and remembering God through the act of forgetting.


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