7 November

Highbury and Islington on Victoria
A fort beckons as the Tube door opens
I see it and ignore as another advert
That have attempted to entice me

But a fort, like on a mountain that I hold dear
The mountains that I relate to you
The ones that will always take me
Wrap me as their own in their folds

Such is the love I feel in your arms
Such is the embrace I yearn when
Miles away from you, I sense you
So near, as almost I could touch, yet…

My father became friend a few years later
Never knew if and when you could be my friend
But it didn’t matter I suppose
Some things were taken for granted forever

Your small moves in my life
Is what I am today; my positives are a result
Of those; negatives all are mine
To suffer and bear

There is demand for affection
All over my life as I see; receipts
I have been asked, every time I charge
Yours is the place, a free house of love

Lest it never be said that I missed
Ever telling you so, how much
I have always loved you
But never mentioned it so.

7 November

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