I Think I Found Forrester

In my mind the words snore and rumble
Expressions and experiences together tumble
Like siblings they scratch at the other
On stage: no sister, no brother

They play and dance a beautiful ballet; sing an opera
Standing on dainty toes, exuding their aura
Creating a beautiful drama they prance around
A wishful bunch; expecting the profound

Behind the curtains I prompt music together
Yet the notes and tones seem to falter
They descend uneasily shivering on stage
So devoid of passion and energetic rage

Together they play and they act
Contradict the feeling and the fact
Of the only show that could have been
Only my eyes could have fathomed and seen

They scream out smiles to the head that bows
The binding tension at the lips; distinctly shows
Cornered thoughts and feelings I hold dear
Who furtively move in perfect circles of fear

All thirty-two beckon the audience
Will you; will you sir, somehow sense
What I could have been; what I am
Don’t look at this performance as a sham

For they vie for attention ten times more
Than what the few hundred seats offer: Encore!
Rehashing a peppered batter of the same
Thoughts; that a million times lived and came

They dance their nocturnal dance
And you blindly clap as they prance
But you, caused a robotic performance
Yet ye curse a meaningless wordy abundance

My hands at the strings – limp though wise
Question the act; the very purpose, premise
What if the stage was pulled from below our feet
What dance it would be, without a stage; without a seat

I Think I Found Forrester

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