The Hill Remains the Same

There upon the peak
The time of the then
Here, down, time of now.
Up, I see trees swinging
Playing with the winds.
The moment here is frozen.

Once, we ascended with ease
Now, each simple step
A struggle of a lifetime.
The hill remains the same,
We change. Lost destinations,
and mistaken journeys.


Inspired in no small measure by “It’s All Uphill Now

I Want to Be the King

For I could never be king
Though I stepped out of the shadows
Of those, who faced the sun straight
The spread of that shadow always enveloped me
And even if I showed my face
I could never be king.

For I could never be king
Not then, not now
A friend of the king perhaps
Or even next in line
But I wasn’t even a kingmaker,
I could never be king.

For I could never be king
And I know I never will be
I will kick your throne, and
Poke your crown
And spit in your wake, for
I could never be king.

For I could never be king
I detest your kingship
I see myself in you
But you are not me
There’s a hollow deep within, because,
I could never be king.

I will never be a king
And I wish you weren’t either, only because
I could never be king.

22 kms

Only 22 kms of a straight road separates us
Longer than the thousand miles of yore
Our proximity lulls us
We are dulled by a sense of being close.

Once, the longer distance worked
It kept us close because we denied it
Attacked it with vigour, and overcame
To be together.

Now, the distance tricks us, taunts us
And we mockingly deny it even today
Yet, what we didn’t lose to 2200 kms
We surrendered to a mere 22 kms.

My Eunuch Enemy

By virtue of us being enemies
We are to hate each other.

And your invisible bejewelled dagger
pierces my heart, curves, and tears my flesh.

And I wilfully allow that.

Am I blind in love so much that
I do not know my intent?


Forgive me
Oh my eunuch enemy
For I am the hero
and villain myself.

I am addicted to the stage.

I dread the day
My knees week and broken
Unable on stage; my death
Will be when I become audience.

Manipulating Manipulation

Your fun is in manipulating me
Mine is in being manipulated.

You think you’re winning
I enjoy allowing you to.

You have something to gain
So do I.

You seek to extract a material value
I seek emotional.

In the end, you will win
But I will not lose.

You will be rich by what you accumulate
I will be rich with what I cherish.

We are both fools
One of us, however, is wiser, in the end.

In the Small, The Big

In between the small of what could and what should
my big life.

In between the small of what you said and what I said
our big silence.

In between the small of your speech and your silence
my big fears.

In between the small of your reality and my reality
my big truth.



Being Man

I am shame
when I hear them.
I am proud
When I know me

I am Man.